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 RVA Events

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Post(#) Subject: RVA Events Thu Jun 12, 2008 3:02 pm

Since the calendar option on the site is too time consuning, and I had not found anyone interested in maintaining it, what I have done is created a new blog specifically for the RVA events coming up.
This will be a lot easier for me, as the venues are sending me their updated calendars, and I can just post them for all to see in one place.

You are all encouraged to make comments, or ask questions on the blog about shows, and if your band happens to be on the schedule for one of them, by all means make comments to your fans and give it that extra plug.

I may add a section to that blog that would be only for bands to comment qand promote their own shows, but have not gotton that far yet, we will see if anyone bothers to make comments first, before I decide to add a special section.

The blog is located here.

Be sure to bookmark it.

Blogs are a great way to get indexed by Google quickly, so do post your comments and links to your band in your comments.
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RVA Events

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