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ATTN: The Video pages have been fixed.
I will be adding new ones as soon as possible.
Sorry for any inconvenience!
Please check my YouTube Playlist for more great RVA area videos!

Soon there will be a new MusicRVA YouTube as well!

  • LAMB OF GOD Another hometown Richmond band makes it big!
  • AVAIL One of RVA's oldest bands hit the touring circuit several years ago!
  • BELLA MORTE Check out this awesome band from Charlottesville!
  • LOCAL TALENT A variation of some of Richmonds great local bands!
  • RVA SHOWS A mix of national talent that has graced some of Richmonds venues and stages!
  • Regional Bands Regional bands form the RVA region and East Coast
  • Learn To PLay Music Vids Learn music watching vids from others

  • Steves Favs Bands my sweetie likes, Clutch etc....!
  • Angies Favs Bands I like, Prodigy etc.....!
  • If you want to submit your bands video to the site, that will be available soon! Get those vids ready and I will place instructions here when I am ready for you all to send them in.

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