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 READ FIRST! Before posting a video...

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Location : Richmond, Va
Number of posts : 187
Age : 68
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Registration date : 2008-02-02

READ FIRST! Before posting a video... Empty
Post(#) Subject: READ FIRST! Before posting a video... READ FIRST! Before posting a video... EmptyMon Feb 11, 2008 4:08 pm

This is the ONLY Forum to post your videos!

I tried to add it to the Promote Your Music area, but when the videos showed up on the front portal page, they screwed the whole page up, so please only post them here.

When you post, you will find an icon on the posting screen that will allow you to add the actual link to your video (the bottom row, 5th icon from the left of your screen, it looks like a little blue window). Do not add an embed code here, it will not work. Only the actual url from YouTube will work. If you don't know what your YouTube video url is, please refer to your YouTube account for help finding it.
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READ FIRST! Before posting a video...

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